Our Process

Distinguished products are the result of our process of caring, customizing, and allowing the wood to be itself.  We handle the technical processes and you, the co-creator of your specialized shadowbox, are encouraged to be involved as much as you want in the selection of all the details.

Below is the process by which your custom shadowbox frame or artwork is created.

Beginning to end...our process is the difference.

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Step 1:  The Idea

Share your idea with us or let us create one with you...

To start the process, we talk about your ideas for your shadowbox frame or artwork.  If you need help with the idea process, we are happy to help you flush out your design concept.  We provide you with an initial sketch of your creation so you can begin to visualize how the final product will appear.  With Frame Escape, you are no longer limited to the boundaries of an ordinary four sided shadowbox frame.

Step 2:  Design Process

Square and Pencil

The idea sketch then gets transformed...

Next, we put some details into the rough sketch as we consider wood species, color and finish of the final product, type of glass, how the contents will be arranged, special features such as inlaid wood, edge shaping, metal embellishments, and custom artwork, and any other design element that is important to you.

With a Frame Escape custom shadowbox frame, everything is custom cut from a wide variety of species of rough board stock, which means we can shape the wood to fit your exact design concept.  The drawing we provide you at the conclusion of this step will reflect the full creativity possible when you are no longer limited to a square frame made from pre-manufactured mouldings hanging on the wall of an ordinary frame shop.

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With the rough cuts completed, your project begins to take shape.

Step 3:  Construction

After your approval of the final design, we find the perfect piece of wood that bears characteristics that will best enhance your frame.  The wood is cut and the basic structure begins to take shape.  Whenever possible, dovetail or box joints are utilized to provide aesthetic beauty and to greatly enhance the durability and strength of the frame.

Inlaid wood detail, custom pyrography, laser etching photos or other embellishments, glass etching, metal engraving, and a wide variety of other final details are possible with Frame Escape.  Whether you prefer to have a plain finish or something more exotic, we have the means to create whatever you have in mind.

A full range of sandpaper grits are utilized in order to produce a finished surface that is smooth to the touch and reveals all the character of the wood.  Once the frame is fully sanded, we can apply a variety of finishes---leaving the wood in its natural color, applying oil-based stains, or even using a tinted finish to give the wood some other color.  Finishes vary with the species of wood and are used to enhance the wood's grain and natural beauty.

During this part of the process, your frame begins to take on its final appearance, and is now ready for the contents to be added.

Step 4:  Assembly

The finishing touches complete your project exactly to your specifications...

At this stage, all of your artwork, memorabilia, and any custom touches are added to the frame.  We understand the value of your memorabilia and mount those items in a manner which will not harm or diminish the value unless you have given us permission otherwise.


With everything mounted into the shadowbox frame, we finish it off with a hanging system appropriate for the weight of the frame.  For light frames, we install the typical picture frame wire.  For larger pieces we install a french cleat to ensure it remains securely in place on your wall.  All hardware necessary for hanging your shadowbox frame will be included at time of delivery.

Fly Fishing.jpg
Ghost Rider.JPG

Step 5:  Delivery

Your custom shadowbox frame or art arrives ready to display.

We are able to deliver our artwork within the central Ohio area, but can ship anywhere in the country.  All shipments are packaged with sufficient packing materials to ensure that the chance for damage is mitigated as much as possible.

With each delivery, we include instructions for properly hanging your artwork, cleaning the surfaces, and any other details you may need in order to maintain its appearance and condition for years to come.

But, we're not quite finished yet.  5% of every purchase from Frame Escape is donated to a charity of your choice.  In 2008, Sky adopted an amazing collie named Solomon from a collie rescue.  Please read more about our Adopt a Charity program by clicking on Solomon's picture below.

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