The end result of our company's story is bringing out the distinct beauty in wood to complement and protect cherished mementos...

Sky in Shop.jpg

...but it started with our founder's passionate hobby with woodworking, arising from days as a kid, tinkering with the tools and bits of wood in his grandfather's garage.  That lifelong interest shaped his own sports memorabilia collection--and some did escape, literally outside of the confines of the frame.  After seeing his collection come to life, several friends asked for frames of their own to uniquely hold their cherished possessions.  Soon after, many others became customers and Frame Escape was born.

Sky's care and respect for wood and wood crafting was noted in all he touched, designed, cut, honed, and detailed.  While the initial business was growing, Sky did some of his own life maneuvering.  He followed other passions as he earned a law degree, adopted a rescue dog, married, became the step-dad to three amazing children, moved to Ohio, and obtained a masters in operations and a Lean Six Sigma black belt.  He now runs his one-of-a-kind shadowbox framing business while consulting with clients and volunteering with various non-profit organizations.

As he polished his personal path, the wood products Sky continued to make manifested their own distinctive beauty.  His craftsmanship was continuously evident and his love for it undeniable.  Sky's yearing to think of ideas and work "outside the box" was ever-present.  Recognizing that Frame Escape had developed into something greater than one person could manage alone, Sky turned to the support of his wife, Jennifer, who began to handle the office operations with the same care and concern that he had applied to all the woodworking.  They both worked on customer development, social media, and website maintenance.  Sky and Jennifer also enjoyed creating design ideas for our ever-growing list of products.  The team was completed by adding several highly talented artists, metal workers, and carpenters, who all pledged to produce only the highest quality work that you will be proud to own.

That's our Frame Escape story.