Custom  designed solid wood shadowbox frames and more.

We build anything from standard shadowboxes... heavily customized works of art.

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Simply put, we frame anything.

 With Frame Escape, you are the co-creator, so you have an important role and choice in every aspect of the design of your custom shadowbox frame.  All our frames are built with the quality of construction only hand-crafted work provides.  This includes using dovetail or boxjoints whenever possible, and micro-sanding all the surfaces to a smooth, polished finish.


We never use pre-manufactured mouldings, but instead custom cut and shape all our material from a wide variety of common and exotic species of solid wood.


Our customers are allowed to exercise personal preferences and determine all the individualized options and premium features beyond these standards.  You are no longer limited to the pre-made stock that is hanging on the wall of the ordinary frame shop.  With Frame Escape, you are able to order exactly what you want.


Frame Escape can build much more than shadowboxes.  Our designers and artists can create anything you can imagine from wood or metal, and even offer custom art services. 


Visit our project Gallery and see what is possible when you think outside the frame. 


Guitar Frames

This design was granted a patent by the USPTO

Patent #: US D785,343 S

It features a bass or 6-string guitar styled design on the side along with other guitar embellishments around the frame.  Inside, it features an album from your favorite band and custom artwork of the band members.

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Custom Comic Book Covers

Have you ever wanted a comic book to feature you, your kids, or your pets?  Our artists can create a custom comic book cover for you!  Every detail of the cover can be completely customized.  Once the artwork is completed, we will then design a frame to perfectly tie it all together.

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Sports Memorabilia

Whether it's a shadowbox featuring your favorite team or player, a frame to display the memorabilia that reminds you of a great game, or something more important, such as the game ball given to your kid after they made the big play to win their little league game, we are happy to help you create a shadowbox frame worthy of such a memory. 


We can create a design around memorabilia you already own, or help you find that perfect item for your frame.

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Urns & Keepsake Boxes

Only a fellow pet owner can fully understand the bond we develop with the fuzzy little critters that leave fur on our clothes and furniture, that chew up our favorite shoes, and wake us up at all hours of the night to show us their favorite stuffed animal.  They are much more than a pet.  They become a member of the family.  When they pass, it is a difficult time--we lose our best friend and silent confidant.  Our pet urns are designed for each customer and can be embellished with metal, inlaid wood, laser engravings, pyrography, or artwork.  no matter how you choose to honor the memory of your furry friend, we are honored to assist you with designing and building the perfect urn for their final resting place.

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Custom Drawings & Artwork


Frame Escape partnerships with a wide variety of artists who can produce custom commissions for you.  Art can be produced with a number of different mediums. 


We then build the corresponding shadowbox frame with embellishments to make the piece even more engaging.  Our goal is to make the frame and artwork blend together into one unified piece of art.

Dog House - Sammy & Suzy.jpg

Pet Frames

Our pet frames are made especially for pet memorabilia and artwork.  Whether it's the whimsy carved drawings on the sides of our "Neo Frames" or the fun of the dog house shaped frames, our frames are perfect for displaying the treasures that reflect the bond you have with your furry friend. 


Our artists are happy to create a portrait of your pet, a custom comic book cover, or anything else you can imagine.

Everything Else

We can design and produce anything else that you can imagine.  From custom furniture to rocking "horses" to gaming dice towers to large-scale shadowbox frames, our creations have no limits.  Please let us know what ideas you have, and we will make them become a reality.

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Our Process

Step 1:  The Idea

During this step, we talk through the overall concept of your project.  We figure out what memorabilia you have and what you might want us to find for you.  We think about any custom artwork that you would like created for you, and how the frame could enhance it.

Step 2:  Design Process

Once we have an idea of the final product that you would like, our team sketches out the design and obtains your approval.  With a concept firmly in mind, we then talk through options for species of wood, color and type of finishes, and any further embellishments such as laser etching, pyrography, or inlaid wood.

Step 3:  Construction

Now the fun begins, as your creation begins to take shape.  Throughout the process, we share photos of the project with you so you can know how it is progressing and what it looks like at each stage.

Step 4:  Assembly

Once the finish is cured, all of the memorabilia, artwork, and other components are assembled into the frame.  We share photos of the arrangement with you to ensure that everything is exactly as you want.

Step 5:  Delivery

The big day is here, and your creation is delivered to you.  We include instructions for how to hang the artwork and how to take care of it to ensure that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Custom designed to your specifications

At Frame Escape, all our shadowbox frames and other products are custom designed to your exact specifications

Our products are fabricated with high quality joints, such as dovetails or box joints, using a wide variety of standard and exotic species of solid wood. 

We can include custom embellishments such as inlaid wood or laser engraving. 

All of this is available at prices that are competitive with the ordinary frame shops and big box stores.

For examples of our work, please click on the Gallery button at the top of the screen to see some of our previously completed projects. 

The Buy Now button will take you to the frames and art that we presently have available.

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Click here to take a look at some of the artwork that we have created for other customers.  If you like any of the frames or artwork that you see anywhere on our website, please let us know!

Current Inventory

Our current inventory page shows all the shadowbox frames and artwork that we have in inventory presently.  You can purchase these items right from our website with a secured credit card payment.  We can deliver within 200 miles of Columbus, Ohio, and will ship your artwork anywhere else.

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